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"Everybody Knows That Nikola Tesla Made Extraordinary Discoveries In The Field Of Electrical Science. But Did You Know That He Also Made Monumental Discoveries In Mechanics? It's True! He Even Discovered How To Make A 'Mechanical Amplifier' To Multiply Mechanical Power!"

REVEALED: Learn the truth that "Power" is relative to the rotational frame in which it is created! Tesla's Hidden Discoveries, that mechanical power can be magnified, has now been rediscovered, demonstrated, and the method is revealed here.

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Jim Murray

Jim Murray is a research engineer with 30 years of experience in the field of electrical power management and experimental mechanics. He is one of the only people in history to be granted a US Patent on a "no back EMF" electric generator. His research covers power resonance in both electrical and mechanical systems, as well as "torque multipliers" and other amazing discoveries.

Conference Series, Part 4
Science and Technology Conference

Tesla's Hidden Discoveries by Jim MurrayFrom: Jim Murray

Dear Friend,

I became interested in Science early in my life. By High School, I had built a small Linear Accelerator as a Science Fair project. It seemed like I was headed for "great things", but my life took a different turn.

As luck would have it, I ended up on the trail of a BLUE NOTEBOOK that Nikola Tesla had used to document some of his most obscure findings. Over the years, I worked for a number of people who claimed to have "the notebook", and they were all working on either mechanical power magnification, or anti-gravity effects.

In-between some of these adventures, I held "real jobs", ususally as an electrical engineer. Even during these more prosaic periods, I never stopped thinking about the possibilities of increasing the work output of machines.

Eventually, I did have the opportunity to build a number of novel experimental machines that demonstrated genuine, power magnification. Since then, I've made a lot of progress, and I wanted more people to know about my work.

TESLA'S HIDDEN DISCOVERIES is that communication. In it I tell the story of how I was introduced to this work, and what I have been able to verify, so far. The most important discovery has been the understanding that "power is relative to a specific rotational reference frame."

That may sound weird, but what it means is that a power magnification is possible by simply "changing rotational reference frames" between the input and the output of the machine. During my Power Point Presentation and lecture, I actually show a number of these machines and describe the test results I have collected.

TESLA'S HIDDEN DISCOVERIES is really an overview of my life's work, and the beginning of my efforts to start publishing my research in this field. Even though I received one US Patent on a "low back-EMF" generator, getting patents on every discovery isn't practical. That's why I want to publish this material, so you can learn this science and further your own discoveries.

Of course, just the revelation about power magnification is worth the investment in my presentation, but you'll get much, much more than that......


The true story of how Tesla's BLUE NOTEBOOK found its way into the hands of Otis Carr, and other researchers in the 1960's.
The complete overview of how I learned about this technology, and what I have done to verify that it is true!
The most complete description of the experiments I have run to show that a power multiplication is actually demonstratable.
Finally, multiple color images of my latest "Gravitational Torque Amplifier" and the methods I have used to test it.


"Jim Murray’s presentation Tesla’s Hidden Discoveries is a great opportunity to discover some of Tesla’s more secret and less understood research from Tesla’s later years. Jim is a very entertaining speaker and demonstrates a firm understanding of all principles involved. I found myself laughing many times due to his humour and unique experiences. Jim has researched and built many different types of rotational mechanical torque amplifiers. You feel as though you have been taken on a journey with him, as he talks about his many experiments. Jim has been fortunate to have worked with many names like Otis Carr, involving flying saucer building and technology. Jim’s quest to find Tesla’s Secret Blue Notebook is responsible for where his life has taken him. I would recommend Jim Murray’s, Tesla’s Hidden Discoveries, as the first and must see video for anybody starting off in this field of research." - Dean Sargeant, Electronics Designer, Victoria, Australia

"This is a fabulous follow up to Jim Murray's pre-Japan presentation, bundled in the Classic Energy Videos Collection. Realistically, the best I might achieve is to leave my A & P library to my children; such knowledge seems to come around and go around, here today, gone tomorrow, like a rare flowering orchid that exists only whilst one gazes upon it." - Dave Carter, Swansea, Wales

Honestly, I don't think anyone has ever seriously discussed mechanical power multiplication in the public domain before. So, this must be your lucky day! I've spent over 35 years and tens of thousands of dollars studying this subject, so that is what it's worth to me.

My consulting fee for a technology briefing is over $250 per hour. Tesla's Hidden Discoveries is over an hour and a half, so $375 would be my fee for this much time. With a price this high, only a small handful of people could afford it.

Instead, I need thousands of people to be empowered with this information to really make a difference, so I'm making this available for the minimal price of $27.

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Jim Murray

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